2013 – What’s in store?

After three years of bicycle races, training and youth events, Facet Cycling is unable to continue with its full time promotions. In 2012 Upstate Velo Club offered to step in. After meeting with club officers the decision was made to cut back the number of events, focus on quality first and continue to grow racing from there. We held the Luzerne Criterium Race and Festival on Sunday, June 10 and also the Great 100 Fall Century Ride (100 mi.). For 2013 we are working on hosting the Pa. State Individual Time Trial Championships for the second time up in Nicholson, Pa., continuing to grow the Great 100 Century Ride, and holding a few local youth challenge races. After 4 years of local USAC racing with youth events tied in, we have seen a noticable increase in parents and young people looking for road bikes and shoe & pedal systems. This is very exciting and we would like to thank everyone for their contributions in making it all possible!

2011 Luzerne Race and Festival Photos

Interested in joining a local club and getting connected?

Upstate Velo Club offers access to riding groups of all disciplines and levels, an event and ride calendar and social network!

How do I find other races this summer?

There are a few calendars that hold most all the events in our area.

  • What is a racing license?

    The sanctioning body for bicycle racing is the USA Cycling Federation. If you are new to the sport and want to try racing you will need to purchase a 1-day license at race registration. Normally $10. This allows you to race in the mens category 5 or womens category 4 races only. If you are in a masters age bracket you may not be eligible for your age group as these are skilled and seasoned racers. If you would like to purchase a 1 year license ($60) it can be done online at USACYCLING.ORG

    Where do I find equipment and mechanical service?

    Upstate Velo Club is partnered with most of the regions bike shops. As a club member you receive a membership card that will get you 10% off most merchandise in all the stores. Here is a link to participating shops.

    Interested in getting your kids involved, Sponsoring programs or events, hosting an event in your town? Contact Phil Cable.

2 Responses to Home

  1. John Mulhern says:

    As a resident of Luzerne, I and a number of my friends and neighbors thoroughly enjoyed this event. I hope that you will consider returning next year and let the residents and the borough council know what we did right or wrong and allow us to improve and promote your race in the future.

  2. Phil says:

    Hi Dave, not sure who was on the motorcycle. possible Kevin Diebert. I will try to find out. Sorry for the delay. try me at coachcable@yahoo.com thanks.

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